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Pompton Lakes A&P to Become LIDL

The long-abandoned A&P in the Wayne-area suburb of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey will soon be occupied for the first time in just over five years.

Pompton Lakes Mayor Michael Serra announced on June 30th in a brief news flash that "Finally a little good news, a new supermarket LIDL will be opening in the old A&P shopping center soon." 

In addition to German discount grocer LIDL, Extra Space Storage, and an undetermined 8,000 square foot space, was announced to become the new tenants of the 63,000 square foot space. It is unclear when construction, division, and addition of a second floor will begin; however A&P Preservation and other retail analysts anticipate a late 2020 - early 2021 opening date if all things go smoothly.

LIDL- a discount grocer similar to Aldi - has just opened its 100th store on the East Coast. LIDL's roots in the Northeast come from 'root' stores like Easton, Pennsylvania (near miles away from busy Allentown), Union, New Jersey (adjacent to Elizabeth), and Folsom, Pennsylvania (southwest of Philadelphia)- which were all build-to-suit stores, which LIDL seems to be doing less of every day.

In addition to acquiring abandoned A&P, Pathmark, and ACME Markets' stores, LIDL also has acquired New York metropolitan area due to the acquisition of Long Island's Best Market chain, which gives LIDL a clear advantage and somewhat of a lock on the island.

The proposed plans differ from those that we saw in our original tour of the store just a month ago. LIDL will add to the existing facade where the A&P sign was, as well as dividing the space to the left. LIDL will take up roughly half of the space, while Extra Space Storage and an undisclosed tenant will take up the remaining space.

From the plans here, it seems that Extra Space Storage will be occupying the added second floor, as well as roughly another 8,000 square feet of first floor space. This is likely because a freight elevator, help desk, and large item storage will be necessary to suit the space and make the storage center usable.

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  1. This is NOT a Wayne suburb. It’s Pompton Lakes which is its own town.

    1. I am aware that Pompton Lakes is its own town. Clearly you did not read the sentence correctly. I said it was a Wayne-area suburb to give readers who are not familiar with Pompton Lakes an idea of where the town is located.

  2. I'm sure people of pompton will be happy to see another food store to shop I know my family is.

  3. Some fans of AcmeStyle might remember the massive fire on this site back in 1997.


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