Tour: ACME Markets, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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This week we take a look at the Pathmark in College Square, Delaware. Located in the busy city of Newark, this was one of several Pathmarks in the town, similar to a Philadelphia or New York situation. This store became an Acme in late 2015, and has since had major upgrades inside.

The store opened in the late 80's or early 90's with this decor. Since then, it has deteriorated significantly, leaving moisture in the ceiling tiles, cracks in the tile, and peeling of paint. Could this be the winner of The Company Neglect Award?

First look inside of a Pathmark tower model vestibule for me. I've never been in a Pathmark, actually. 
Look at the produce department, with the bland lighting and tile. Overpriced prepared watermelon available in the front... and $6.99 is the sale price... the sign says "$6.00 Off". 
Looking to the side you can see some service departments, and where the Giant-PA like tile ends. A&P probably invested over $500,000 in just aisle markers for all of the Pathmark stores... I haven't seen one without these.
Rather odd and unfitting stationery display in an alcove near the first aisle. It gives me a weird vibe... like Acme's Premium Fresh & Healthy decor package with the subtitled text.
You can really see how old the store looks in this shot, but at the same time it looks brand new, in a way. The flooring in this section of the store is pristine.
Pharmacy in its standard alcove in the front. Notice the Red, White, and Blue lines inside the pharmacy. This matched some of Pathmark's exterior signs at the time for older locations.
Paper Products in... Aisle 1? Classic! A&P spent years powerwashing Pathmark to get rid of its character... but at the end, everything was back to normal.
The Pathmark brands were later retired... it should now really say America's Choice Brands. Yet another fault in A&P's plan to merge with Pathmark.
Seafood & Meat along the front end near produce. A very faded Pathmark logo serenades the department signage with checkerboards. 
"Fresh Meats" along the adjacent end of the store.
Aisles in this decor package featured above-aisle lighting, similar to A&P's wood-slat shelving. 
Laminate wood flooring was added here at some point. It's definitely not original to the store... the earliest we'd see texture in Pathmark's decor package would be sometime in the "Go Fresh & Local" era before the A&P merger.
Typical Pathmark. Self-checkouts on the right, regular on the left. But what's that? There's no scars on the tile from the old, long self checkouts? A rare find...
Pathmark barely used U-Scan Express lanes in their early 90's stores. This could actually be one of the test stores for it. This type of self-checkout would be a standard issue for later stores... being one of the most recognizable self-checkouts in supermarkets.

Pathmark of College Square

100 College Square
Newark, DE

Pathmark > ACME