COVID-19 Update

View of the former A&P Fresh in West New York, NJ; Summer 2019

A&P Preservation has always been committed to safety over the three years that the site has been up. Frequently, in addition to contributor photos, we plan our own road trips and take pictures of A&P past. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been unable to do so. From the time of the first precautions set out by the State of Pennsylvania and CDC regarding travel and stay-at-home orders, A&P Preservation halted all further trips to any former A&P supermarkets on March 14th.

Recently, A&P Preservation has been relying mainly on contributor or archived photos from a COVID-free time, but our database is quickly being used up.

As of June 14th, A&P Preservation has decided to resume trips to former A&P supermarkets due to the rapid decline of COVID-19 cases in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, we are taking precautions of our own:

  • Wearing face masks both while in or out of supermarkets and other retail establishments.
  • Wearing face masks and nitrile gloves (minimum 5 mil thickness) while inside a supermarket.
  • Maintaining social distancing with store associates and other customers.
  • Using contactless payment to process orders of our own at supermarkets and other retail establishments.
These precautions are in addition to state and CDC recommendations. 

In addition to these precautions, A&P Preservation will not be resuming trips to states other than Pennsylvania and New Jersey until 2021 for our safety, and more importantly, to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Further updates for our COVID-19 plans will be posted to this page.