Tour: A&P; Liquors - Metuchen, New Jersey

While A&P said that all their stores closed by November 30th, 2015, it is a false statement. A&P kept a select group of liquor stores open for the remainder of 2015 and three quarters of 2016. The tiny Metuchen store being one...
Quite obvious that this was a former retrofitted 50's model-turned-Centennial.
Old 50's ceiling and tile with Best Cellars signage.
A mix of both A&P carts and Best Cellars carts... Why didn't A&P use purple Technibilts for their Best Cellars brand? It would look a lot better than the cheapest plastic carts money can buy.
While this store is said to be Warehouse Liquors, inside it is called both Best Cellars and Beverage Center. Which one is it?

A&P Liquors of Metuchen

45 Pearl Street
Metuchen, New Jersey

History: A&P > A&P Liquors > CVS Pharmacy