About The Blog

             Established in November 2017, A&P Preservation features A&P-owned stores throughout the 20th and 21st century, the company's changes, and present day. A&P Preservation features forgotten, yet also well-known, stores every week through a showcase of photos inside and out, and former A&P stores in regions we would have never guessed that the company was in. But they don't only feature stores-- also A&P memorabilia, store tours from A&P competitors, tidbits on certain A&P brands, and quick 30-second commercials.

About The Author

             The author of  A&P Preservation previously held his place in many discussions, open forums, and postings in other retail-related blogs such as Acme Style, Albertsons Florida Blog, and The Market Report under the same name as the blog, but wanted more. Being obsessed with chains of the past and present including Acme, Clemens, Genuardi's, Giant, Ames, and Bottom Dollar, A&P Preservation took his spot in one of the most vast areas to report on retail about-- A&P. Knowing merely nothing about the chain itself (rather brief shopping experiences), A&P Preservation learned about the A&P chain extensively from 1859 to 2015-- when the chain closed. Now he is, what some say, an A&P connoisseur, a Retail Anthropologist, and a Supermarket Specialist. While not much may meet the eye when visiting his blog, he is sure to keep you entertained throughout the years his blog is active. A&P Preservation not only creates his own posts and commentaries, but writes retail history and compiles store lists off-the-grid from his readers.